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Plano West Hockey Club

Founded in 1999, The Plano West Hockey Club (PWHC) has a strong tradition of commitment to excellence from both our players and parent members. Our winning tradition is evidence of our program’s dedication to helping our athletes achieve their individual best as well as excellence at the team and organizational levels.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, PWHC will be as good as its members strive for it to be, and time and effort is needed from all participants, both players and parents.  PWHC supports the ideals of good sportsmanship, equality, responsibility, ethical behavior and integrity in all aspects of life.

To these ends, PWHC will:

• provide strong leadership for both players and members.
• require positive coaching for all teams.
• pursue continuous improvement in our players and coaches.
• provide members the opportunity to participate in ways to strengthen PWHC.
• insist on positive behavior from all members, players and fans of PWHC.
• adhere to all league guidelines.
• respect all PWHC members as well as competitors.
• promote teamwork and supportive relationships among players, parents and board members.
• present positive role models for our constituent members and players, other clubs and the community at large.
• pursue excellence at the highest individual, team and organizational level.
• operate a fiscally sound hockey organization.

Plano West Hockey Club

5960 W. Parker Rd #278-313

Plano, TX 75093